Predator Assault, Laser Combat. "It's not paintball, It's Better!"


Laser Combat at Predator Assault is suitable for everyone so long as you are large enough to carry the gun comfortably for this reason we recommended laser tag for 8 years and up. With all the fun of paintball but without the mess, pain and expense of buying all those extra paintballs that makes the cost soar. With us "IT'S JUST ONE FIXED PRICE" for a 2 hour session. 


Using our high - tech laser guns, you will put your wits against the other team in a test of skill and tactics. You must work with your team to decide what stratergy you will adopt, what tactics you will use and how you will communicate in order to beat your oppostition. 


Within your 2 hour session you will play a variety of games giving you the opportunity to try different stratergies and tatics. 


We use all the lastest realistic equipment including our M4 Predator Carbine rifles, M9 Berretta Hand Gun and the new Uzzi's to ensure you experience is the best you have ever had.


Go to our Equipment page to see a full list of the technology we use and all their statistics


Offsite Gaming


Looking to have a unique tailor made activity?  Look no further, there isn't another experience that offers this level of adrenaline rush and overall fun for both males and female of all ages.


Do you have space around your home where we can play laser tag?


If you have access to land in or around your property we can come to you! Don't worry if you don't have access to a suitable gaming enviroment Predator Assault can transport our mobile laser tag inflatable gaming arena to your location.


Predator Assault can setup our 32 piece inflatable gaming arena indoors or out, to create an 'arena' at your venue.  Once your participants are geared up and the mission starts, they will experience the excitement, fun and thrills of laser tag.


Predator Assault can come to you and run an adrenaline pumping event that is great fun and can be played by young and old alike, you can keep travel costs to a minimum, and still have a fantastic activity that will be enjoyed by all.  We can accommodate for hundreds of players throughout a day, and be-spoke games to your specific needs and requirements.  Our games can be tailored in terms of amount of players, size of field, length of time, type of games and much more.  To discuss specific details please feel free to give us a call on (0118) 907 1004 or 07973 792944