Senarios and Missions. "Have you got what it takes?"

Our Laser game fields have been built to provide the ultimate adrenalin rush. With dense cover, varied barricades and vehicles, the game comes alive at Predator Assault. Take your team into an immersive and exciting battle - your mission awaits.
Book now and experience urban, outdoor and woodland Laser games.


Here are a few of the 30+ games you may play:

Last Man Standing

As part of a team can you battle it out to survive and illiminate all the other team members before they get to you?

Capture The Flag

Can you defend your teams honour  by protecting your flag as well as striking out and capturing the enemies flag to defeat them? This game is all tactics

Search and Secure

An important top secret payload has been scattered across the dense woodland after a plane crash and it needs to be recovered before the ememy gets hold of it.

Mekong Delta

All thats between you and the enemy and your total domination of the area is one small river. It can't be that hard to get across can it???

Capture the Captain

The only thing that is keeping the other team going is their captain and what a mighty warrior he is. To defeat the team, you must find and defeat their captian. But beware he is armed to the teeth

Attack and Defend

Your backs agianst the wall and the enemy are closing in fast and from all angles. How long can you last before your team is destroyed?

Woodland Convoy

Its just another routine partol for you, until your ambushed. Then its every Soilder for himself and the last one standing wins!


You've played the game on your computer, now play it for real. Which team can secure the area and dominate its possession from the others. Only the Domination box will decide.