Our History


We first arrived on the scene in 2011 and have slowly but surely built up a wide array of equipment designed to offer you the best experience possible. We aim to deliver high quality, safe enjoyable experiences to suit all ages from 6 and above.

We have since joined the fun active creative events family to offer you an even more exciting experience where we can combine different activities together. However if you just want the adrenaline fueled feeling of laser's then get in contact and we can tailor to what you would like.

Don't be shy, we like a challenge, whether it's for a party, adventure, corporate challenge or merely for some fun with friends we can offer you that special event just for you.

Environmental fact of the day, we endeavour to charge 80% of all our equipment through solar power. In the last 6 months we have achieved 65%, however this is because daylight hours and production is slower. However as the weather improves we are targeting over 85% through solar power.